Senator Bill Cook

 "Ed is a solid conservative fiscally responsible Republican who you can count on to cut taxes, reduce spending, and increase jobs in Dare County.  He supports the family values that are important to all of us, truly cares about people and their problems . Ed is the real deal."      

Representative Beverly Boswell

"Ed is a great supporter of our Working Watermen and our Proactive Dredging Plan in Dare County. He supports safe and navigable waterways and will only buy healthy seafood from our North Carolina waters.  Ed knows that Federal, State, and Local governments may not always agree, but he insists they can ALWAYS find a solution to our unique situations. What I admire most about Ed is he goes out of his way to meet with people who are directly impacted by a problem. Ed is a fighter for Dare County!"

Dare County Commissioner Jim Tobin

"Ed Danko's integrity, professionalism and commitment to excellence combined with his solid conservative approach to government makes Ed a perfect choice to represent the people of Dare County as a Commissioner."

Dare County Commissioner Steve House

"I have found Ed Danko to have a caring heart and soul for the people of Dare County. His experience in conservative politics stems from his days at the Reagan White House while working in the Washington, DC press corps.  With that experience and caring for Dare County, I believe Ed Danko will be a great asset to the Dare County Board of Commissioners."

Ron Tasso President - Kinnakeet Shores Property Owners' Association

"Ed is a proven leader in our community and a valuable member of our Board of Directors who has volunteered countless hours dealing with issues and concerns facing our association.  His ability to find ways to cut costs in our annual budget has resulted in direct savings to our homeowners and his effective style of communications resulted in long-overdue repairs by NCDOT to our streets."

Linda & Michael Johnson - Owners, OBX Attitude

 "Ed grew up in a family run business and knows first-hand the difficulties facing owners like us. We know first-hand that he is a strong supporter and a true friend of family owned and operated businesses, which are vital to Dare County's economy." 

Carolyn Hickok Bibeau - Broker/Owner, Elan Real Estate Sales

"I have always liked Ed's ability to listen to all sides and work together with everyone. He is going to be a great County Commissioner."


Steven Gillis, State Farm Insurance

"I cannot think of a better person for the position. Educated, fiscally responsible, honest integrity and loyalty."

Joshua Artzt - Owner, Bros Sandwich Shack

"Ed grew up in several family run businesses, including a restaurant that was in his family for over three generations, started by his great grandmother after she immigrated to America.  He understands the long hours and hard work needed to make a family owned and operated business like mine succeed.   Ed is a true friend of our business community that we can count on to support us."

Tonya Byrum - Owner, Beach Waves Too Salon

"I believe Ed Danko will be good for small business and good for the people of Dare County. As we're seeing with the Trump tax cuts, the economy improves when taxes are low, so I appreciate that Ed wants to lower taxes in Dare County."

Gerard "Cooter" Couture - Owner, Ye Olde Barber Shoppe

"Ed Danko is a tell-it-like-it-is pro-Trump conservative Republican who supports law enforcement and small business.  I am a supporter of President Trump, and a former police officer, and now a small business owner in Dare County, and I am proud to endorse  Ed Danko."


Jim Nash - Former Atlanta Braves Pitcher


"My friend, Ed Danko , is a strong conservative Republican and a strong supporter of President Trump.  Ed is very meticulous in everything he does, paying attention to not

only the big details, but to the small details as well.  Ed is American as apple pie and baseball."


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