Ed on the Issues



I will never vote to increase your taxes...NEVER! Instead I'll work hard to reduce your taxes by eliminating wasteful spending and increasing revenue by promoting a business friendly environment that creates more jobs in Dare County. Reducing taxes and putting money back in the pockets of our hardworking families will always be my first priority.  I will work to repeal County Commissioner Chairman Bob "The Tax Man" Woodard's 9.3 percent property tax increase.


I stand with our Working Watermen and fully support continuous year-round dredging of  our inlets. Commercial and recreational fishing, seafood packing and processing, along with boatbuilding and support services are absolutely vital to the economic well-being of Dare County and far outweighs the cost of dredging. 


With over 7 million annual visitors, we are one of the premier vacation destinations in the World. Tourism is our number one industry.  We must protect our tourist-related businesses by preserving our magnificent beaches. Our livelihood depends on preventing beach erosion and we must consider all available options. 


Everyday these brave men and women selflessly risk their lives to protect, defend and save our lives. As a volunteer firefighter myself, I have had the privilege and honor of working side-by-side with our police officers, emergency medical technicians, rescuers and firefighters. When I am elected they will have my full and complete support. They are our heroes. 


I am fully committed to supporting our schools and educators. There is no better investment for Dare County than education. I want to maintain our high standards of teaching while also expanding vocational training for our students. I support bringing Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) programs into our schools. JROTC helps build community service, leadership, and character, all essential ingredients for education and good citizenship.


The recent tragic school shooting in Florida is a reminder that this can happen anywhere, including Dare County. While I applaud the fact that we have one armed Resource Officer at each school, one is simply not enough to protect our students and teachers. I ask you to join me to put pressure on the North Carolina State General Assembly and our Governor to allow those teachers who have concealed hand gun permits to have access to their weapons in their classrooms. No teacher should ever have to throw their body in front of a barrage of bullets from a shooter to protect their students. We also have many retired military and police officers we can hire at reduced cost as additional armed Resource Officers to protect our schools. Gun Free Zones protect no one except criminals. 


While I love the sand on our beaches, I love our military more. We can no longer allow the blood of our brave men and women in uniform to bleed on the sand of the deserts of the Middle East just to supply America and our allies with crude oil. I support President Trump's plan to Make America Energy Independent. Despite what Dare County Commissioner Chairman Bob Woodard says, Dare County's own report states that almost 4000 high paying jobs will be created here by off-shore drilling. If liberals think they can drive their SUV's and trucks with a solar panel or windmill on the roof, they must be high on drugs.


For all those who serve, and have served our country.  For those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, I stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Future

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity.  An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.  We have some difficulties in Dare County, but I am not a pessimist and I see plenty of opportunity in the Outer Banks.


Once elected I will be accountable and always accessible to the citizens of Dare County to hear your concerns. You will have my personal cell phone number and my email address. You'll be paying my salary and I'll be working for you, therefore I'll answer to you. It's really that simple.